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Will you send your orders with the details for the invoicing as attachments to info@hieroglyf.cz, please. Thank you.


                                      What shall contain your order:

Tax Registr Number:
Contact person:
Telephone No, E-mail:

Number of the order:
(Description of the file):
Target language:
Term of delivery:
Way of delivery:

Some advice to send your orders:

  •  Will you add your texts for translation to your order in the form of the attachment. 

  • Will you send your texts required for the translation without headings, graphics, illustrations, etc., unless they are meant to be translated. The smaller the file is the quicker the downloading goes and the smaller risk of any file damage occurs when transferring data.

  •  When you need any express translation, please let us know this in the subject.

After receiving your order we shall notify you in 24 hours to agree on the terms. In case we do not do so, please will you contact us via phone or Skype, please. Thank you very much.











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