Price list








General Provisions

1 The order is done by the written order sent by e-mail or handed over in person.

2 If our team fails to confirm the order with the estimated price for a translation or an interpretation in 24 hours after receiving the order, please contact us by phone. Verbal quotations are for guidance only. They are not binding unless confirmed in writing.

3 There must be mutual agreement on all conditions between two parties.

4 Price of the order must be accepted and confirmed in writing by a client before any work is done.

5 Any of agreed conditions may not be amend or canceled unless agreed in writing by both parties.



1 Translations and Interpreting

1.1 The contractor undertakes to perform the ordered service and to hand it over to the client in a prearranged way providing that the conditions mentioned herein are fulfilled.

1.2 The client undertakes to take over the service on the agreed date and to pay to the contractor the resulting price in agreed time.

1.3 The quote is calculated after receiving document and depends on the level, number of pages, deadlines and required purpose of the translation. The quote will be based on the original document and not the finished translated document.

1.4 One standard page is 1500 characters without spaces. Using Microsoft Word choose Tools and Number of words. Total number of characters without spaces is divided by 1500 and multiplied by the advertised standard charges per one standard page.

1.5 Shall the client wish the price to be calculated per a word, the price will be calculated this way.

1.6 Standard time for 3-10 pages is  24 hours when English translations and 3-5 pages for German and Italian. Standard delivery time is 1 week.

1.7 Express work is charged according to the deadline required and also the level of translations.

1.8 For the interpreting service, please contact us via phone or email with details of the services required.

2 Delivery Time

2.1 The client is obliged to accept finished translations by e-mail unless otherwise agreed other. The client confirms receiving of the translation in writing.

2.2 In case the client does not urge the delivery of the translation after the delivery time is over, the contractor understands that the translation was delivered in full and on time.

2.3 In case there are any serious complications to deliver the translations by an agreed way the contractor is allowed to deliver documents in other way which will be announced to the client in advance and paid by the contractor.

2.4 Shall the client refuse to accept finished translations without providing any serious reason, this work will be considered as completed and invoiced to the client who is obliged to pay for it.

3 Rights and Obligations

3.1 The client provides written instructions of the purpose it is supplied for. In the absence of the instruction text will be translated for information and understanding only which is of a high enough standard for use in general correspondence. 

3.2 No liability will be accepted for any translation used for a purpose not disclosed by the contractor on submission of the work for translation. The client shall indemnify the contractor against any loss in goodwill or otherwise arising from a use of a translation which is not to be the purpose for which it was originally supplied.  

3.3 Shall the text supplied contain specific terminology, acronyms, etc. the client also hands over a list or documents with specific terminology used in the given language and the area or provide a person who will consult specific terminology with the contractor. No liability will be accepted for any translation with incorrect use of terminology later.

3.4 The client warrants that he is the copyright owner of material submitted for a translation or is licensed by the copyright owner to obtain a translation and will indemnify our agents against liability for infringement of copyright patent or design or any other third party.

3.5 The contractor keeps all details and subjects of an agenda in confidence and is under obligation to consider all supplied documents as strictly confidential.  

3.6 The client must inform the contractor about the purpose of interpreting. If the contractor is not informed about the purpose, no later claims arising will be considered.

3.7 Contractor shall be provided with the schedule and subjects of interpreting 1 week in advance. When specific terminology is used the client  provides the contractor with the list or documents with specified terminology or provides a session with the person who advises the interpreter on specific area. If the client fails to do so, any claims of terminology used cannot be accepted. 

3.8 There is no right for the client to ask the interpreter to do any other services outside the range of interpreting services as taking minutes or act as a guide or organize meetings etc.

3.9 The interpreter shall be announced in advance about the type of occasion of interpreting and be neat and dressed according to it.

3.10 The interpreter shall work based on usual practice for this profession, and shall perform his/her job to the best of his/her knowledge.

3.11 The interpreter shall have the right to refuse to work in the environment unacceptable due to physical, psychological or ethical reasons, and in conditions undignified for performance of interpreter’s profession.

4 Complaints

4.1 The work is considered as faulty in case it was not done in agreement with the order. In other cases the work is considered as correct.

4.2 Any claim must be submitted in writing. There must be described a reason and also number of errors if available.

4.3 When the claim is accepted, the contractor will correct the work at expense of the contractor. The client shall receive discount 10% from the total price.

4.4 In case of any dispute arising between the contractor and the client on the justification of the client’s claims concerning the contractor’s liability for defects or amount of discount, the parties undertake to resolve the dispute by amicable settlement in form of an expert opinion of an independent interpreter appointed on the basis of agreement of both the parties.

4.5 The contractor shall be liable for any damage due to defects in translations and in interpreting up to the price of the order.

4.6 No liability whatsoever shall be incurred by contractor for errors in any translation required by a date which precludes proper checking and editing.

4.7 The client shall claim defects of interpreting and translations to the contractor duly and without any undue delay immediately after interpreting and at latest in 5 days and for translations in 14 days after receiving the finished work.

4.8  Any claims arising from liability of the contractor for defects made late shall be considered to have expired.

4.9 The claim shall have no suspending effect on maturity of the issued invoice of the claimed service or on other type of payment for the service rendered.


Payment Terms

1 The contractor shall issue an invoice the day  work was completed.

2 The payment is done using withdrawals or made in cash with the maturity 14 days.

3 There may be required 50% advanced payment when ordering work exceeding CZK 10 000,- or € 400,- .


Withdrawals from Contracts and Refunds

1 Each contracting party has the right to withdraw from the contract if there are any circumstances beyond their control restraining to complete commitments.

2 Contracting party must inform opposite party about its withdrawal from the contract in writing.

3 The contractor shall not be liable to the client for damages due to non-realization of the concluded contract if this happens due to unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances that were beyond contractor’s control.

In case the client withdraws from the contract for translation, the client shall pay for the completed part of the translation that was done by the day of the delivered written cancellation, or for completed work if that was finished already.

5 In case the client withdraws from the interpreting order 7 days prior to agreed day of interpreting, the cancellation fee is 20 % of the agreed price; when withdraws 4 days prior to the day of interpreting, cancellation fee is 50 % and 100 % of the agreed price in case of cancellation 1 day prior to the beginning or on the day of beginning of interpreting.



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